Table Example
Primary/Foreign Keys & Relationships - 1
Primary/Foreign Keys & Relationships - 2
Introduction To SQL
SQL Sub Parts
Install MySQL Server & Client
Start MySQL Server
Connect to MySQL Server - 1
Connect to MySQL Server - 2
Create Database
Drop Database
Data Types
Create Table
Alter Table
Drop Table
Insert Clause
Select Clause
Where Clause
And/Or Clause In Conditions
Like Clause In Conditions
Order By Clause
Table Alias
Aggregate Functions
In Clause
Distinct Clause
Intro to Joins & CROSS Join
Inner Joins
Left Outer Joins
Right Outer Joins
Self Joins
Exists/Not Exists Clause
Aggregate Functions & Sub Queries
Aggregate Functions & Strings
If Condition
Count If/Sum If Functions
Date Functions
Update Clause
Delete Clause

SQL (Structured Query Language) - Where Clause

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